Draw Portrait of girl in 4 Steps

Step 1 :

Draw Portrait of Girl

Outline Girl Portrait Drawing 1



Draw portrait of girl with starting outline drawing I did this drawing with soft charcoal on brown paper. It gives the opportunity of fast performance and easy to modify it. I like to draw with charcoal because, it creates a great contrast and at the end drawing looks more real and cool.The secrete of drawing is, start it without fear! First simplify the photo. In order to draw accurately, first simplify the picture, see shapes instead of details. Avoid complex features and details, practice how to convert it to simple shapes such as circle and triangle.  Draw the outline of portrait with free hand method. It’s OK if it’s not that accurate. Allocate less than 5 minuets for drawing the out line. Draw what you see not what you think!


Draw Portrait of Girl

Outline Girl Portrait Drawing 2



In this step add some tone,continue drawing and evaluate with constant measurements using only your eyes. Don’t use mathematics method. You should train your eyes to be able to distinguish the right lines and angles. Find tones and dark areas of picture. Try to start the first layer of shadowing with great observation. Draw portrait with half open eyes.


Draw Portrait of Girl Shadowing

Shadowing Girl Portrait Drawing


Start to to add tone and shadowing.It starts to get life, In this stage, drawing starts to look more real and you get feedback is it going well or not. Now you are shadowing and making more real.

Step 4 :

Draw Portrait of Girl Completed

Portrait Sketch of a Girl Completed

Adding details to make the drawing more realistic using proper shading technics and effective contrast method. Emphasize in contrast, make darker area more darker and light area more lighter.Add more details, it makes to look more realistic. I hope you created a nice drawing. Keep it up, practice and enjoy drawing.

You can learn and enjoy how to draw!


Live Portraits Drawing


Commission Portrait Drawing From Photo


Commission Pet Drawing From Photo

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