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Have Amazing Portrait Drawing for your Beloved Ones by a Portrait Artist in Melbourne from $59


Portrait Drawing from Your Photos

I will draw a soulful and amazing handmade portrait drawing with great resemblance for you! I have been drawing for 10 years and have developed my unique skill in drawing with charcoal. Handmade sketch has got feelings, And will make you happy! so let’s have an amazing portrait which lasts for generations!

  • Portrait Drawing Melbourne Clint Eastwood Drawing Sketch

Pets & Animal Drawing from Photos

I love animals and love to draw them! I can draw pets with capturing their resemblance as well as their character. It will make you feel happy when you see your pet’s painting on your wall.So let’s have an amazing portrait of your lovely pet which lasts for generations!

  • Portrait Drawing Melbourne Dog sketch

Live Caricature Drawing for Events

I am a  specialized portrait and caricature artist in Melbourne. Are you looking for a live caricature Melbourne artist? I can capture funny live caricatures in just 3 minutes with great resemblance. Drawing live caricature is very fun and entertaining. Live caricature drawing is a great idea for birthdays, weddings and corporate parties. I am available for your parties in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra Victoria and Australia

  • Portrait Drawing Melbourne Live Sketch with Charcoal

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Portrait Drawing of Old man
Portrait Drawing Melbourne Girl Sketch


Me and my sister immensely love your art work. We are really satisfied and your portrait of us in A2 really touched our deepest heart.
Me, personally, never had any painting of myself before that is so connecting with me; when I see it my soul would suddenly recognize and say, “yes, this/that is me!”
My sister looks very beautiful in that picture just like how she trully is in the real life.

Aya WattimenaDesigner

I got Amin to do an A2 portrait of my girlfriend and I from a photo. When I picked up the portrait, I was blown away by the quality of the work, and my girlfriend loved it – “Best present ever”! Amin is very talented and I will definitely be getting more work done by him in the future. Thanks 

Steven JordanDevelopment Manager

Thank you thank you thank you for creating a treasure of a beautiful portrait of our beloved newfoundland dog Murphy
a treasure to comfort is on our grief of losing him and one in his memory

We can’t thank you enough for the masterpiece you created from school. Photo on a cellphone

You have captured his personality and spirit beautifully

It is being framed exquisitely at the moment so will be a treasure forever

Martin and Monica Cook New Zealand

Martin and Monica CookFrom New Zealand

Thank you for sketch last night, Your work is amazing and I was lucky enough to get a sketch by you. Wish you all the best!!

‎Princi TandelStudent

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Live Portrait Drawing


Commission Portrait from Photo


Commission Pet Drawing From Photo